The retail landscape has changed. Customers expect more—more selection, more availability, more service. And they want it without delays.

Whether you’re on the road, on the floor, or in the office, you can see what’s happening throughout the store. BAM1 and Zebra have teamed up to give the best-in-class retail technology solutions that will maximize the efficiency and sales opportunities of your retail enterprise.

Zebra Newest Product Line Scanners


Expedite checkout by processing payments anywhere. Zebra’s mobile computers and ET50/55 tablets and interactive kiosks make it fast and simple—with consumer-styled sleek devices that are enhanced for rugged and secure enterprise use.

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BAM1 gives you greater control from receiving to the store shelves and help you avoid costly out-of-stocks. Get real-time reporting from anywhere in the store—and beyond—using the Zebra handheld computers. Change prices with ease using intelligent scanning and mobile printing.

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Track a customer's order history, locate an item, update a gift registry, ship merchandise directly to the customer's home, and process the payment-all from the store floor. With retail mobility solutions, you can spend more time personally servicing your customers.

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Use advanced card printing technology to produce professional loyalty and gift cards on demand, as well as secure IDs to increase access control. Prevent counterfeit cards with Zebra’s locking card printers and tamper-evident lamination.


Bargain printer supplies leave behind dust and debris that damage the printer. Ribbons break. Use Genuine Zebra Supplies to ensure quality printing, from start to finish. And get free printhead replacements for making the smart move to Genuine Zebra Supplies, like IQ Color and custom labels. Ask us about the Printhead Replacement Program.


When you purchase a new mobile device or thermal printer (including card printers) from BAM1 and purchase a new Zebra unit, you get a cash rebate of up to $550—even when your trade-in isn’t a Zebra model.

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BAM1 Parts 2D Imaging

The products you build can’t come together without the parts you need. The smaller the parts you use, the harder they are to track. The big bar codes you scan so easily on pallets and cases can seem microscopic on the boxes your parts come in or even the parts and equipment themselves. How do you know where those parts are so you can get them when you need them?

Your parts may have been received in cases, but once those packages are broken down to individual items, the need to track them gets even more important (and challenging). Enter the ultra-rugged 3600 series scanners from Zebra Technologies. The 2D, high density version of the 3600 is ready to take on your parts management with ease.

Zebra has been providing data capture and printing solutions to manufacturers for decades. They create the products that keep businesses visibility into their operations. BAM1 has chosen to partner with Zebra to help to improve the supply chain for their customers.

With a DS3600 scanner, as soon as parts and supplies are needed, your supply workers can move to get them for your manufacturing line. The small, dense bar codes printed on the boxes are captured instantly. Your inventory is updated immediately and the workers on your line can be informed that the parts they need are on the way. Warehouse and line work seamlessly to keep your business moving and revenue coming in. Should the need arise to generate a new barcode, industrial printers like the ZT series or the portable Qln printer are up to the task. In fact, the scanner can be paired directly to the printer to generate a label if need be.

With data capture solutions from Zebra and BAM1, you can keep a close eye on your inventory and your manufacturing plant humming. We have worked with the most popular inventory and supply chain management software vendors to ensure that your solution will fit your needs.

BAM1 will not only help you select the right scanning and printing equipment, we will be there through implementation and provide reliable ongoing support. Call us today for more information at 517-263-7272.

Warehouse Recieving QIn Supplies Scanners

Your manufacturing plant runs on parts and supplies. Keeping those supplies in stock and ready is impossible without tracking them from the moment they arrive. How do you make sure your business knows immediately that parts are on hand ready for put away? When perishable supplies arrive, do you your workers have the information to handle them before they damaged or spoil?

Receiving and putaway are the doorway into your inventory management process. The best way to make it flow is through the use of data capture methodologies. Zebra Technologies has a long history in supply chain management and builds barcode scanners and printers specifically designed for industrial spaces like warehouses. BAM1 has partnered with Zebra to improve the supply chain for companies.

Modern bar codes aren’t the black lines and spaces you might be used to. They are often more complex and carry additional information that is vital to keeping your parts and supplies stocked. With that in mind, 2D imaging scanners have become increasingly common.

Zebra 2D scanners like the DS3500 series capture any barcode instantly. Add to that the portable power of Qln series printers and your warehouse staff are ready for anything that arrives.

When a shipment arrives, your worker scans the barcode on the pallet or case with a rugged scanner paired with a computer connected to your WMS. A new label can be generated immediately with a Qln printer being worn or attached to a forklift or hand truck. The new label has another barcode and information for the put away worker such as location and inventory code for your systems.

From there, the product is in your system, ready for use in your manufacturing process. This one step ensures you have what you need on hand when you need it.

In addition to providing the hardware you need, BAM1 is ready to help you implement your data capture solution and keep it running. Call us today for more information at 517-263-7272.

BAM1 Picking 3600 QIn

Your revenue relies on the pace and accuracy of your operations. The pace of your operation can run in conflict with its accuracy. How can you make sure that your workers are as fast AND accurate as possible when picking products for your manufacturing line or to ship to your customers? Picking is prone to errors, especially when information isn’t captured accurately and quickly.

Take one of your forklift drivers. He is running at high speed pulling large items (barrels of supplies or pallets to be shipped) from the shelves of your warehouse or storeroom. Getting off the vehicle to scan the barcode and pick the product is time consuming and creates increased chance for injury. It could also take him out of view of his computer, increasing the chance of error.

What if he had a DS3600 barcode scanner from Zebra Technologies? Zebra has been helping companies keep control of their supply chains with industrial scanner and printers for decades. That’s why BAM1 has chosen to partner with Zebra.

From the seat of the forklift, the driver can use the extended range 3600 scanner to capture the barcode information on the shelf and confirm the item and quantity to be picked. The 3600 is ultra-rugged; built to handle 6-foot drops, extreme temperatures and even being submerged in water. Once the data is captured, the driver removes the product and gets it to its next destination.

If a new label is needed on the product or the shelf, a Zebra Qln printer can be mounted on the forklift. The Qln is built to handle the warehouse environment and keep working. With a process or shipping information label affixed, your have saved even more time in your supply chain process.

Whether you are running a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, BAM1 can work with you to implement the right scanning and printing solution to keep your business moving, accurately. We have helped companies select the right data capture solution, implemented flawlessly and provided ongoing support. Call us today for more information at 517-263-7272.

BAM1 Printers and Supplies

You’re the person responsible for making sure your manufacturing plant is running at peak efficiency. Or, maybe you are managing your company’s warehouses. Perhaps, you have taken on ensuring your supply chain is operating smoothly from end-to-end. You have a lot of responsibility and the expertise to make it happen.

One thing you aren’t, is a printer expert. Laser or thermal. Wireless or wired. Fixed or mobile. Six-inch labels or four. Firmware updates. Ribbons. Cartridges. Touch to pair. So many variables, so little time. How are you going to manage it?

Fortunately, Zebra Technologies has been in the industrial printer business for over forty years. Combine that expertise with BAM1’s experience working with our customer, and you should be able to sleep better at night.

No matter what your printing need, Zebra has the right printer to help. Are you in need of the fastest, most reliable label printer on the market? The Zebra Xi and ZT series are ready to take on the challenge. The Xi can print up to 8 inches PER SECOND. The ZT series can connect wirelessly to your workers’ mobile computers, making them even more efficient. It can even tell you when it is low on labels or the printhead is wearing out!

Are your workers moving throughout your facility but need to print at a moment’s notice? The mobile Qln can be carried on a worker’s hip or affixed to a forklift, picking cart or hand truck. The printer can directly with mobile computers via NFC, making device sign in faster and more reliable.

Wondering how to keep those printers running? Original Zebra supplies take one more trouble off your plate. Zebra manufactures the best thermal printer labels specially made to make your operation run better. Zebra ribbons and printheads are the best in the business, keeping you focused on the products and processes in your facility, not on your printers.

BAM1 will not only help you select the right printers and supplies, we will be there through implementation and provide reliable ongoing support. Call us today for more information at 517-263-7272.

BAM1 Shipping Scanners ZT

Your manufacturing line worked perfectly. You've packaged up the finished goods. You have a customer ready to buy them. Can you make sure they will get to the right place after they leave your facility?

Shipping is the final step in the supply chain management process. If you don't manage it correctly, all the work you've done to that point won't matter. Product needs to be at your distributors or customers at the right time or you risk losing payment.

Barcodes, scanners and industrial printers are the best way to keep your product moving out the door. Zebra Technologies has a long history building printers and scanners for industrial spaces like warehouses and manufacturing plants. BAM1 has partnered with Zebra to improve the supply chain for companies.

The last thing you need is for your shipping function to become a choke point and slow down your processes. With the best scanners and highest quality printers on the market, that won’t happen. Zebra industrial scanners like the new DS3600 series capture traditional 1D barcodes and newer, more robust 2D barcodes instantly. Once that information is captured, high speed industrial printers like the Xi series can print hundreds shipping labels every hour and work 24 hours per day.

The Xi series is your technical teams best friend, too. It can meet the print quality expectations of your customers. Even better, Zebra printers and scanners are built to work together seamlessly. With wireless connectivity and management software built in, management is a breeze.

Whether you are shipping pallets, cases or individual packages, BAM1 can work with you to implement the right scanning and printing solution to keep your shipping function moving. We have helped companies select the right data capture solution, implement flawlessly and provided ongoing support. Call us today for more information at 517-263-7272.